Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

I like valentines day quite a lot because I work in retail. I love watching the never ending stream of guys scrambling for cards, flowers, balloons and stuffies. I also love how the stores smell like roses for a day or two. Witnessing this extravaganza never fails to put a smile on my face. It does make me wonder what the ladies buy for their "valentines" though. And then I can't help be feel that the boys get a much easier time at it. We have to be a bit more creative (generally). I did see several women at the store yesterday with a case of beer in their carts and I did wonder if that was their valentines contribution.

It's a silly holiday but I do enjoy it. I really didn't want to spend money on it though. My husband and I have been married almost 11 years and we gave up needless valentine purchases quite awhile ago. But it does seem like you're heartless if you don't do anything. I know, buying into the consumerism but it's true. I decided to buy him two British chocolate bars, his favorite even though I'm more of the chocolate fan. And I made him a card. It was VERY last minute and the ugliest card I've ever made. It might possibly be the ugliest card that's ever been made by anyone anywhere during all of time. It's the thought that counts right...

Wednesday evening he asked me, how much did you spend on Valentines day? I smiled and said, "oh... $1.98." He was actually relieved. I think this was one of the only times he was excited about my being frugal. That meant he didn't need to go out and get me a gift. We pretty much always match our gifts monetarily. I received a normal card. He received my interesting little creation and Valentines day is over.

Average daily spending: $13.08

Thursday's lovely: A small girl hopped onto the penny horse at the front of the store. The front of the store is solid windows all the way across. Directly next to the windows outside are two long rows of shopping carts. The shopping carts were covered in little birds. The little birds looked a bit like they were enjoying a birdie playground. The little girl sat on the horse, turned her head towards the windows, and shouted with glee, "MOM! Look at all the birds on the shopping carts!!!" She turned back to her mom with an enormous smile, so excited about the wonderful scene. This is when I saw the birds playing on the blue carts and I couldn't help but think how children tend to notice the lovely bits of life so much more often than we adults do. I loved it! I loved that she found joy in such a little thing, such a lovely thing. Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Valentine's day can be expensive! We just did cards for each other this year. Mine to him cost $2.99, his to me $5.99. I'm sure I'll start making my own cards eventually!