Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Chocolate and/ or Cheese

I picked up some Cadbury eggs today, put them in the cart, and walked around with them for about 5 minutes before I convinced myself that they were NOT in the budget. Still averaging about $8 a day for the rest of February to get back and track and $3.19 for chocolate cream filled eggs... oh heavenly yumminess, is way to much wasteful spending for an $8 a day budget. A strange thing happened once I decided they needed to leave. If you've been reading this blog very long then you're well aware that Cadbury eggs are quite possibly a bigger weakness of mine than even coffee. Well, I wanted to get rid of them. I was frantic to get them back to their location. Normally I fight with myself about these little decisions even after I've returned the item to its home in the store but this time I actually saw the little chocolate treasures as $3.19 coming out of my budget instead of a bit of momentary happiness in my hours away from home and family work day. Oh dear, I think, maybe, I might be growing up.

There will be another day for a box of Cadbury eggs but today I lived quite happily without them.

Average daily spending: $13.19

Today's lovely: Home baked macaroni and cheese, my Grandma's recipe. I'm so in love with this cheesy goodness!!! Pretty good substitute for chocolate eggs in fact.

He can climb onto the couch now  : )
goofy, thinks I'm going to let him watch TV


  1. Your little boy is adorable. (and you can get those Cadbury eggs 1/2 price after Easter at Walgreens)

  2. YUM! Homemade mac and cheese sounds so yummy! You should share the recipe!

  3. Awww :))) Such a cutie!
    Happy Valentine's Day! :)