Sunday, February 17, 2013


Yesterday was Saturday, hooray... I was SOOO grumpy and sick to my stomach all day  : (
But I did not spend money. NO SPEND numero 10 done!

Ironic, yesterday I posted that I would love for you to share your lovelies with me and then I couldn't find a single one myself. (still wanting you all to comment on beautiful bits of your day). Today is looking good though. WAIT, I do have a lovely. Very dear friends of ours welcomed their son into the world yesterday. We get to meet him today (I hope). He was well overdue just like baby Abe was and it was wonderful that he finally made his appearance. Welcome to the world little Issac!

Average daily spending: $13.09
$92.68 left for the month.

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  1. and the month is just 11 days long. Youre doing great!