Monday, February 4, 2013

Thoughts of Freedom

Where there is no vision, the people perish;
-Prov. 29:18

Right now I work almost solely to pay back debt/ money we borrowed. At the time, when we were borrowing the money life was very "now." We obviously hadn't anticipated paying interest for years. We didn't contemplate how much we were actually borrowing/ charging. It wasn't real. It honestly was not real. There wasn't a future to the decisions we were making. Stupid? yes. Foolish? yes. But that is in the past. Now I am looking forward. Now I am thinking about my decisions. Now I am trying to clean up the thoughtless, vision-less decisions we made in the past.

Now I have vision. I don't want to work almost solely to pay back debt. Money/ stuff is not what is important to me. Time with my son is what matters. Right now in many ways I am stuck. There are things I have to do because of past decisions in order to be a responsible adult. But I can look forward, base my steps now on what I hope for later. Like Dave says, "live like no one else right now, so that later you can LIVE like no one else." I'm working for that.

I think today I am going to dream. Today I am going to forget about the chains that are holding me down and really anticipate the freedom that will be. Sometimes I think the chains cause life to look foggy, like you almost can't anticipate the good things down the road. What could my future look like? Vision is a wonderful thing.

What could your future look like? hmm

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  1. We're in a slightly different position, but I frequently find myself dreaming of a time when our finances are different. I think it's time to post about it! Keep myself motivated. :-)

    Everything at the baby stage is so emotional, so remember to cut yourself a lot of slack. You're probably exhausted, & it's hard to miss even a moment of snuggly baby time.