Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Longday To You

Early morning blog in process. Today is my late day at work. I HATE the late day! It seems to drag on forever. I'm in the store at dinner time. And after about 5pm the stores seem to fill with hooligans. My husband doesn't usually put the babe down for bed before I get home so I get to come home to a VERY cranky baby boy (almost not a baby anymore). I'm generally down all day and my defenses for wasteful spending are practically none. Tears usually emerge at least once from having seen one too many mommies carting around their own baby boys. And I basically do not see my husband all day except for maybe 30 minutes in the evening when we're both tired and grumpy (certainly not ideal).

On my late day I tend to get a drive thru meal, buy candy, and purchase coffee. And whala $10 gone, just like that. It's one of those days where you feel like you're moving in slow motion through muck all day; exhausting, uncomfortable, and very much like being trapped.

I write all this not as an excuse for potential horrible purchases but in hopes that putting it out there will help equip me to overcome these wasteful "accidents." Please do wish me luck.

Baby Abe is in for a little snuggle time now and I may just look over that 56 things to do instead of spending list once more.


  1. Oh, absolutely wishing you luck for the long day!
    As a friend of mine said, "sometimes you just gotta think about the money rolling into your bank account". Yep.

  2. I'm wishing you luck. While I don't have that issue, when my husband is travelling, my ability to do well with my eating goes down the toilet. The boys get crazy & cranky, I'm exhausted from work & parenting on my own . . . last night I ate a bunch of Valentine's candy.

    We all have our weaknesses. I think my best tip (although I don't always follow it) is to plan ahead, know that about myself, & try to stay focused & calm, planning a nice reward. For me, that would be a glass of tea & pilates after the boys go to bed. For you, maybe you bake a fun/healthy treat & freeze it, taking one or two on each of your long days, to help you skip making purchases.