Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groceries, Diapers, and Such

I highly recommend not going grocery shopping on the Saturday before super bowl Sunday. That was a mistake! I'm pretty sure that everyone shopping was moving in slow motion.

I picked up milk, eggs, cheese, meat, veggies, laundry detergent, and enough food for a few days. I'm planning two NO SPEND's for tomorrow and Monday. So I will also count today's spending as two days worth for my daily average. I really have been making the most basic of meals for the last week at least, trying to get January to $12 a day. Cooking tonite's dinner was really exciting: individual ground chicken meatloaves with cheddar cheese centers (my husband requested this meal), cheddar and garlic mashed red skin potatoes, and a side of peas. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (that I forgot to use the coupon for, grr) for dessert. You can tell we've been living ridiculously backwards (eating out way too often) every time I get excited that I cooked a nice meal at home. I do love food.

I've been adding a smile face to my little February reminder list when I get through the day without spending money on those little things. It's like I'm in elementary school but I like it. I've been doing good with the cloth diapers too. No diaper rash yet (this has been the main side effect from the residue and whenever a rash begins I try and strip the diapers AGAIN and stop putting him in them for a bit) and only two of the diapers have leaked so far these past few days (another side effect from the residue build up). Ooh, for anyone interested gDiapers (I use Bumgenius diapers) sells an almost tissue paper like liner that you set on top of the diaper so that when the little guy poops you don't have to scrape and spray down the diaper. You just set it in the diaper and then you flush the thing like toilet paper with all the poo on it. These insert things are awesome. I've only just started using them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who's cloth diapering. It almost eliminates all of the grossness AND it keeps the diaper much much cleaner so that you're not constantly washing out poop. A friend of mine gave me a small bag of these liners so I haven't purchased any myself but I will totally buy more of them once I run out. They're a remarkable invention and they're not irritating his bottom at all.

Enough about poo...

Average daily spending for February: $17.21
If I pull off two no spends I'll be at $12.91 by Monday. Again as long as my husband doesn't beg for dinner out this plan should be cake. Well, off to bed. Sweet dreams!

Today's Lovely: He's been attempting to walk quite a bit as of late but today baby Abe took two very controlled intentional steps without the lunging/falling forward that's been accompanying "walking" towards his daddy. It was really neat.


  1. Congratulations on ALL the baby steps:)

  2. Saving up for cloth diapers here. babygirl is still growing so fast, that it would mean getting different sizes. The finances don't really allow that. but for this summer I would really like them. It does save money in the end.

    1. The cloth diapers that I use are sizable. They have snaps on them so that you can use them from 8lbs up to I think it's like 35lbs. The cover is built into the diaper so you don't have to purchase separate covers either. The diapers aren't cheap but it's nice to not have all the different sizes and covers. I didn't get as many as they recommend you get so I've had to do laundry more often but I've always had enough.