Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Thursday Kind of Post

Gymnastics with Abe was such fun!
I purposefully did not bring a camera because I wanted to be really involved and really in the moment (not trying to "capture" the moment) otherwise you know I'd have posted photos by now.
I'm doing horrible with groceries, as in there is no food left in our house and I keep picking up random food instead of for real shopping. Ugh! There are literally no excuses for this madness... well maybe a few.
That is all I have for today. I hate shopping so much!


  1. Oh, I hate shopping as well - especially grocery shopping. My husband does it MOST of the time.

    Good for you for not taking a camera. I feel like I lose so much behind the lens. We all have to take breaks every now and then.

    1. Oh my, if my husband did the grocery shopping he'd spend probably $40 on one meal. He has zero grasp on the concept of budgeting.

      I love taking photographs and I love, especially with my son being able to capture memories on film, but there is a disconnect that happens when you're trying to "capture" a moment instead of experiencing it. I keep that in mind and try to have a short bit of camera time and then put the camera away. I thought to the first day of gymnastics I would just skip the camera altogether.