Monday, June 9, 2014

You Win Some, You Lose Some, You Win and Lose Some

The budget is getting away from me. To be super technical I had $4.59 to spend today in order to get back on track with this month's super tight projected budget. I believe I spent more than that on my lunch... yep, lunch; the lunch I'm not even supposed to be spending any money on this month. Sigh.... long morning. 

I picked up groceries after work and although I'd planned to pick up ONLY essentials I ended up with somewhere around $30 worth of groceries. To put things plain and simply today was not a good spending day. When I'm trying to stick to a budget like the one I've set before myself this month "not a good spending day" can ruin things. I did buy pretty essential things though. I probably just shouldn't have bought them all today. Plus $6.60 of that $30 something was on Cortisone cream for my husband. It might be stress but he's developed an awful rash and even though neither of us has ever used it before we're hoping the $6 over the counter cream will help the situation. Ugh!

On the plus side it's only the 9th. I'll just hold on to that little glimmer of hope for now.

On to the winning: Our electrical issues were JUST finally fixed today. That means I have the AC running right now for the first time since May 26. It feels AMAZING! There are clothes in the wash AND the dryer (which I also haven't been able to use since May) and I can finally get the laundry caught up. You have no idea... 

My husband uttered eight little words this evening that I don't think I've EVER heard him say before. He said that he was planning on taking little Abe for a walk with a friend of ours and the friend's son and then he said... wait for it... "Do you want to just stay home and rest?" I think I heard angels singing.

Call me deranged, judge me all you want, but instantly I could see myself running around the house and yard in silence without my little "helper" (don't get me wrong he tries very hard to help) actually accomplishing a billion things in under an hour. Alone! Alone! Alone! I'm one of those moms that actually hates to go out and have "girl time," or "get away from the kid time." But my husband taking our son on an adventure without me and me being able to stay home and just do my thing... It might only be a two hour window but I feel as if I've just experienced a vacation in Hawaii or some other magical place.

I got the laundry running, took out the trash and recycle, mowed the back yard, even got out the trimmer and weed wacked along the border, watered the front lawn, straightened up inside a bit, let the dogs out, am about done writing this blog post, and it hasn't even been two hours. I think I hear the angels singing again. Ahhhh!!!! This has been one of the best evenings EVER!!! My house is totally silent (except for the washer, dryer, and dishwasher running).

Money wise, not the best day. Otherwise, fabulous!

I do not have receipts in front of me and I'm not going to gather them right now. So, no daily average today. I've been working on writing my book again (the one I've been writing for, lets see, about 7 years now). I'm going to see if I can get a little writing in before the boys get back. How has it been 7 years?!?!? woah!