Sunday, June 29, 2014

Strawberry Yum

Average daily spending for June: $17.64

Yikes! At this point I think I'm going to be happy to have the average daily spending for the year under $20 a day. Sigh. My goodness I'm not doing well this year... but trying still!

Another yikes: the cheap eggs at the grocery stores I shop in just went up to $1.99 a dozen. I now feel like I'm robbing my new egg lady. She's selling her free range, GMO free brown eggs for $2 a dozen and the grocery store is charging only a penny less for their bottom of the line factory farm eggs. That seems crazy! Want to talk about inflation? The cost of everything just keeps going up, up, up! And I haven't gotten a raise in just about forever. I feel SOOOOO blessed to have my husband working close (we're talking 3 minutes away) to home again!

It's probably super lame but I'm keeping count on the strawberry garden. We've picked 14 beautiful strawberries out of it thus far. The little garden cost $11.31 and it's been a source of gorgeous fruit, incredibly good learning for Abe, daily fun (checking on it and watering it), and is covered, just covered in berries right now. TOTALLY worth every penny and so much more! Even if you have virtually no yard you could plant a little strawberry garden like ours.
(the yellow flowers are behind the container not in it)


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    1. It's just bursting with berries right now. They really make me happy :)