Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Five

Average daily spending for June: $13.61
that considers the next three days as no spends

Today WAS going to be a no spend day until we had a major crisis. You'd never believe it but we ran out of hot sauce! My husband was insistent that I pick some up asap and simply explaining to him (even though he was made aware on Monday) that today was a no spend day didn't cut it. That term means absolutely nothing to him. After 11 and 1/2 years of marriage I choose my battles rather wisely. I was not going to fight about hot sauce.

I did the responsible thing. During my break at work I sat down and made a very well thought out list of everything I figured we'd need to make it to Monday. The next three days are "planned" no spends; heaven forbid we run out of something like pickles.

I blew my budget even so. Sigh. I'd hoped to get everything for around $36 but no matter how many things I crossed off, put back, and decided against I still spent $46.15 on what looked to be a small amount of necessities.

We now have hopefully enough smoothie fixins, juice, milk, crackers, fruits and veggies to last till Monday. These are my main concern with the little guy in the house. I have food in the house for 5 dinners:
Chicken burgers
Cheesy eggs & potatoes
Fish sticks & mashed potatoes
Chili (homemade and yummy) & cornbread
Grilled cheese sandwiches

Additionally I picked up a container of baby wipes, I did buy a Coke today, and I also bought the hot sauce. All in all 3 NO SPEND days out of 5 days total so far this month is pretty good. $13.61 is $1.20 a day higher then I'd like to be for this month's goal but it's a heck of a lot lower than this years current daily average of $18.31.
Not bad, not bad at all.


  1. Five dinners sounds good, and here's to a lovely, no spend weekend!

    1. Still have tomorrow to go on that no spend weekend (and hubby will be home) but so far so good! I thought 5 planned and stocked for dinners for 3 days was pretty impressive too (for me at least). I wish I hadn't gone $10 over budget though. Eh, what's done is done.