Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our First Strawberry

I'm going to call today NO SPEND day 33 of the year. But I'm only about 1/3 through the day and my resolve is incredibly low because my frustration is incredibly high. Things are chaotic with scheduling at work and every bit of my frustration is screaming at me that if I just buy a donut, or a cupcake (or like 6), or a brownie, or... you get the idea; then I'll feel so much better. At times like these working in a supermarket can be a very VERY bad thing.

I figure declaring a no spend day now will make it easier to stick to. Who wants to retract a no spend right?

In other news (which is kind of lame but super exciting to me and little Abe) we have our first strawberry! I think it'll be perfect to pick today. This photo is from yesterday. If you look closely you can see a finger nail gash in the side of the berry. My little guy has been attempting to pick it for a week and he scuffed it a few days ago. Isn't it gorgeous :)

Average daily spending for June: $12.55
The above average factors in no spends for the next two days.


  1. :))))) "fingernail gash" :)))))) awwwwww

    1. Could you even imagine a first strawberry being more beautiful and with more character :) He still talks about how we ate it together.