Monday, June 2, 2014

Grocery Shopping, Meal Planning, Clothes Drying, and Pee

Yesterday was NO SPEND day 32 this year.
I'm planing no spend days 33-35 for Tues, Wed, Thurs.
Today I spent $62.75 on groceries.

I took back deposit bottles and got $3.50 which I put towards a clothes line and clothes pins. We had a clothes line that snapped and we had clothes pins that have all vanished. The dryer is still not working because of the electrical issues we're having and the clothes are piling up. I only have enough space around the house for one or two smallish loads a day. We make much more dirty laundry that than. $5.51 for the two items minus $3.50 in deposit bottles makes $2.01 for clothes line and clothes pins.

I also bought pee spray. We don't do well with firework holidays around here. I thought I cleaned up the mess our dog made over memorial day weekend but there's still a stench so I had to pick up more spray. We have good dogs who have few accidents but the constant fireworks are a bad things for our oldest dog and our carpets. $9.54 for pee spray. I LOVE this spray. <- linked here It's like magic but I must have missed a spot somewhere.

I bought and have on hand enough produce, yogurt, juice, and milk for my son's smoothies for the planned no spends. I purchased two types of crackers for him, a can of beef stew and some hot dogs.
I bought enough food for 5 dinners: cheesy eggs and potatoes,
grilled cheese sandwiches, 
chicken burgers, 
and hot dogs and chips. 

I also got two boxes of pudding mix. I picked up a tomato sauce and rotel for chili later on. Almost forgot, I bought coffee creamer too. Hopefully the gallon and a half of milk will make it 4 days. I'm skeptical. That would be the only foreseen ruin for the planned no spends. Total spent on food groceries $51.20. I went to the store with a list. I planned to spend $62.17 in order to stay on track with this month's mission. I spent $62.75 and am quite proud of myself. I didn't even have to put anything back. Oh, my son bought himself a donut with piggy bank money. We intended to get another little car but he decided he'd rather have a "cookie." He's never had a donut so we got a plain cake donut with green frosting on it instead of a cookie. He ate half of it and was in heaven. It was cheaper than the car so he got to put half the money back into the pig. 

Average daily spending for June: $12.55
The above average factors in no spends for the next three days.

Now I just need to bring food to work/ avoid purchasing food while working and steer clear of coke. And maybe ration my husband's milk intake.

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