Friday, June 20, 2014

Fun, fun

Average daily spending for June: $17.98

That's horrible. Okay, it's not the $18.57 I averaged last month but it's NOWHERE near my goal for this month. All is not lost. There are still 10 days left of June. But grr, I do not have fun with money. On the plus side (sort of) I've been in a totally weird state of mind the past two days. I've been wanting to purchase just about every single thing my eyes gaze upon. Frankly it's gotten annoying. I was a assembling some cat furniture in the pet department yesterday and I decided at one point that my cat for sure, no questions asked needed a cushiony pillow to lay on and a new water dish. What?!?! My cat drinks out of a mug and sleeps anywhere in the house she pleases. What has gotten into me? Those two things are among the billion other things in the store that "we just had to have" yesterday. And then today was almost as bad.

I almost forgot to get to the plus side of that story; I am happy to report that I ended up spending $1 on a bag of kitty treats for my cat yesterday but I didn't purchase any of the previously mentioned items. Today I did buy a little dust pan and handle sweeper for my son. He's actually been asking for his own broom (weird 2 year old, I know) and a small glass bowl/ jar with a lid for $1.29 that I got for the jam. I only had one container for the jam I made so the bulk of it is in a kitchen glass with tin foil over it. I wanted to get a glass container with an actual sealed lid so it wouldn't spoil too quick. Well I guess that's enough fascinating news from my part of the world today. Hasta Luego

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