Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Spending Brainstorm

IF I wanted to get my average daily spending for the year back in check, say $17.50 a day average THEN I'd have $373.06 to spend for the month of June. That's $93.26 a week.

Ways to help me hit the mark
Bring food to work. (when needed)
Skip the luxury items. Ice cream for example.
Eat home cooked dinners. The stove/ oven is still not working from the electrical fiasco so that's an issue.
Don't buy any extras. Pennies add up fast.
Put it back. Like when you think you NEED those batteries... nope, not this month.
Shoot for a ton of no spend days. Plan. Plan. Plan! and stick to the plan.

I might have to revert this blog back to the original format = boring daily lists of every single purchase.
It's amazing how much those lists keep me in check. When I'm not rambling on about why I did or didn't purchase that chocolate bar it gets really easy, REALLY fast to forget that I shouldn't be buying that chocolate bar for more reasons than one.

Let the lovely month of June commence!!!


  1. Maybe I'm weird but I like reading your "boring daily lists.". Cute pic!

    1. Haha, well that does actually make me feel better about it :-) thanks

  2. I totally second ND Chic! Those lists inspire me to do better.

    1. I'm trying :) Luckily there haven't been too many though because I've been doing pretty good with the no spends, hooray!