Saturday, June 21, 2014

Longest Day of The Year

Today I feel like a pioneer woman! That's a gross exaggeration but still; we ate toast with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam on it this morning. Then we headed outside. I rotated the soil in the compost pile and then brought some of it to the row of tomatoes out back. I put compost soil on my tomato plants! Come on, when have I ever been able to say that before? <smile> My kiddo and I spent most of the morning at a park by the water (it's a very comfortable walking distance from our house) where we did a nature scavenger hunt with my nephew. I wrote a list up of: leaf, stick, stone, feather, flower, acorn, seed, and you decide (my nephew picked a wood chip). We found everything plus a baby snapping turtle, a cray fish, a huge snake skin, minnows, dragon flies... We taped the eight items to the paper (not the animals). It took us considerably longer to find everything then I'd anticipated but my nephew had tons more fun then I'd imagined as well. It's been a pretty awesome natural nature-y day. Happy Summer Solstice everyone!

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