Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Big shopping trip

I just spent $82.56 on groceries. That is a big shopping trip for me. I'm hoping for 4 no spends in a row after today. I think I stocked up enough to make it. We have two and a half gallons a milk in the fridge now and two jugs of juice. Those two things always seem to be no spend killers for me. Four days is a long stretch for me (and my guys) though.

I purchased a bunch of meat; 18 pounds of meat. Pork shoulder, ground turkey, chicken breast and ground beef. I needed to purchase $43.61 worth of meat today to earn a $9 store reward. Since ALL of the meat I bought was on sale, I can freeze a ton of it, and we'll need to buy it eventually I figured losing the $9 reward for not purchasing enough in time would have been foolish. So I stocked up. I'm going to make this chili for tomorrow with pork shoulder I bought for $1.79 a pound. It's in the crock pot now.

Other meals on the menu for the next few days include:
lots of left over pork chili, of course

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.22
$327.78 left to spend in March


  1. That is a LOT of meat for $83!! I hope I get as lucky this week - we are running low on meat and the store flyers have absolutely nothing on sale except steak for $9.99/lb & salmon for $10.99/lb - NOT good deals in my eyes!!! Hoping to hit some reduced for quick sales!!!

    1. Haha! I did not spend $83 on meat. My freezer isn't that big. I did spend the $43 that I needed to spend for the $9 reward and then I spent an additional $40 on groceries. And I only bought stuff that was on my list. That is always a win : )

  2. I think you did great! You got a lot of meat that can go for many meals. And saving that $9 on top of it was a huge bonus- Way to go! I found that once we had a child in the house, milk became a necessity, and still is today. Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot on milk but I try to always just keep in mind that it is a large part of my grocery budget each month and it is what it is. When the kids get a little older and start working I'll make them run out and buy a gallon of milk here or there to compensate- ha!