Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend To-dos

I really didn't know how I'd survive this work week but the weekend is here and other than a lingering cough I'm feeling pretty much back to normal.

I've some major catching up to do after this past week of yuck and so I thought to myself, "if I post a to-do list to the blog I bet I'll get a lot more marked off of it than if I don't."

Here goes (my public attempt to motivate myself)
Bake bread. (you like how my first goal always involves food)
Go for a long walk if it's not too bitterly cold.
Finish backyard dog poo clean up if it's not too bitterly cold.
Grocery shop for the rest of the month. ($50 budget on that)
Finish the basement clean up for the first quarter goals.
Spend some good quality playing time with my little guy.
Spend some good quality learning time with my little guy... ideally working on letters.
Bake blueberry muffins too.
Finish grooming the second dog (poor Boz is half groomed since I stopped when I got sick)
Oh yeah, and clean the house.

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.17
$53.13 left to spend in March


  1. It is so strange for me to hear you say "if its not too bitterly cold" - we are going to hit 85 this weekend - YUCK, YUCK, DOUBLE YUCK!!! Alaska........

    1. Yeah, it's supposed to hang right around freezing this weekend. I'm not so sure I want to do much hanging around outside in freezing temps right after having just gotten better.

      I can't say I'd want to live somewhere that's already at 85 either. Wow, that is really warm!

  2. No, better that you stay inside where it is warm and recuperate! We have been here for 24 years and I don't ever remember it being this warm this early. I guess the only good thing is the pool will be ready much sooner than it usually is too :)