Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Real Birthday "Party"

Little Abe had his tongue in his cheek like that almost the entire time. I've just now, three years into it learned his super inquisitive, deep in thought expression.

He loved it. We all had a blast.


  1. He's trying to figure out how to fly = better not let him near the roof with a cape!!! I tried to be Mary Poppins one time with an umbrella......

    I knew you would have a great time - I LOVE Disney!!! So glad you had such a wonderful day!

    1. I KNOW! You called it. I remember my brothers as kids (they once tried to rollarskate from the top of our pick up truck down the front window and onto the driveway; my mom caught them right before they headed down the windshield). Little Abe stared at the wires on the ceiling that Peter had been attached to for quite some time. I was sitting next to him thinking, "oh, no."

      It was so great!