Sunday, March 8, 2015

The first HOT day of 2015

It's 36F/ 2C here today! Woohoo! Happy dance! Spring is here! (maybe getting my hopes up a bit too much) Anyway, we spent about TWO HOURS out of doors today. It was heavenly! We built a snow fort. Painted it green with jugs filled with water and food coloring. We threw snowballs. We watched birds. We found grass! Honestly seeing grass on the ground was a huge highlight of my day even though I had to un-bury it. And we played in the mounds and mounds of snow while feeling the warm sun shining down on our skin. Ahh. What a wonderful weekend!!!

See that! It's grass : )

Today goes down in the books as NO SPEND day 21 for the year. I've had two pretty great no spend days in a row this weekend. Even though I abhor daylight savings time (we lost an hour last night) today is almost certainly the most beautiful day thus far of 2015. (Oh, and my sister gave me Cadbury eggs yesterday for a late birthday present <big huge smiles>) Happy! Happy! Happy!

Oh, did I forget to mention that little Abe enjoyed an almost 2 hour "snack time" while we played outside today. Snow is just frozen water. What makes it so incredibly tasty? Don't fret, he didn't eat too much dirt  : )   And there was absolutely no yellow snow in the vicinity (that was the very reason we built our snow fort in the front yard as opposed to the much bigger backyard).

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.21
$291.41 left to spend in March


  1. On that first picture Abe looks as though he's in a cloud! Glad you enjoyed colouring snow!

    1. We were out for almost 2 and a half hours (we went back out a third time). It was WONDERFUL!