Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby

He's Three! It's hard to believe this itty bitty swirly haired baby boy is all grown up (haha, I know, he's only three) but he's such an amazing little man. I'm so proud of and thankful for him!

Today we're going to Disney on Ice, YAY! I haven't ever been to anything like this so I really don't even know what to expect. I do however expect that my kiddo will be thoroughly entertained.

Yesterday my husband's family came over for cake. Okay, the cake could have been prettier BUT it turned out about one hundred times better than last time I made it. It honestly toppled twice last time. I ended up with a yummy cake monster before I was done. (no toppling this time around) So, why did I make this complicated cake again, uh, because it's a four layer, from scratch, moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and a sort of ganache chocolate frosting that goes over top. It's awesome and I'm determined to make a really pretty one one day. Abe loved it, so that's the most important part. Oh, and hubby's family was very complimentary. It seems now a days most people buy store made or at least box mix cakes. His aunt especially, kept say, "you actually made this?" Oh, I do I love baking... and eating cake!

That's his grammy in the background

For the record I was holding the cake and my hubby was taking the photos. So, good job focusing on the candles hunny : )

I think I pulled off this impromptu party though. I bought everything at the dollar store, as opposed to the last two years when we purchased all of our supplies at Party City. Party City is really awesome but the dollar store is too and it's a billion times cheaper. I spent $6! I got the set of candles (the same set we got last year from party city for much more money) at the dollar store. I bought a 50 pack of balloons at the dollar store and strung about half of them up with a piece of thread at the front window. That makes for a 50 cent decoration that I think is pretty great. I inflated the rest of them and threw them around on the floor. Little Abe and his cousin loved playing with all the balloons on the floor.

We also got three mylar balloons from the dollar store ($4 because my hubby bought a weight for them too). My mom always got us kids a balloon bouquet for our birthdays growing up and it was always one of my favorite things so my kiddo will get one too. Honestly though, one balloon from the regular store costs the same (I think more even) than the three that we got with a weight from the dollar store. You can't see it in the photo but there is even a Mickey Mouse balloon in that little bouquet. Little Abe loves Mickey. 

This is the only photo I got of all four layers. Sorry about the knives : )

I could not be more thankful for this little light of mine (my kid, not the cake). He amazes me every minute of every day. I thank the Lord for blessing our family and our lives, and especially my heart with him. Happy Birthday baby Abe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You aren't giving yourself enough credit - that cake is GORGEOUS!!! Something I would NEVER try......if it has more than 4 ingredients I'm out :)

    Have a wonderful time at Disney on Ice - not only will Abe love it - YOU will love it!!!! Disney does things right!!

  2. Happy birthday, Little Abe! Looks like you had a splendid day!

  3. Happy Birthday to your little man!
    The cake you made looks mouth watering. You can come here anytime and make me one too. ;-)