Saturday, March 28, 2015

Gourmet Cheapskate

That's me!

I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE Panera breakfast souffles! I imagine if I'd look up the nutrition facts (which I am not going to do) they are horrible for you. They are way too tasty to not be horrible for you and are by far my favorite thing one could buy at a restaurant (at least a restaurant anywhere near me). They cost somewhere upwards of $4 and are worth every penny. Needless to say they are also far out of my price range for breakfast food. I struggle to justify spending $1.06 on the sausage mcmuffin at McDonald's so $4 for a souffle is really too much for me. But they are sooooo good.

Just so happens I finally looked up a recipe for them online. I found a copycat recipe (a few copy cats actually) and I tried one out today. <Happy dance> I used a sheet of puff pastry to make six breakfast souffles. I kept mine simple, especially since it was a first try and just did egg and feta for the filling with heavy whipping cream and salt. They did not turn out as good as Panera's (I did not expect them to) but they did turn out close enough and I'm certain they'll be even closer with my next attempt. Oh yes, there will be a next attempt! This is a wonderful breakfast treat! (Linked HERE for anyone who wants to try it out.)

The pan of six that I made today cost me about the same as one from Panera. Um, I'm more than happy with that swap! Additionally I clipped a coupon for a free coffee drink (pictured above) that I picked up while shopping today. Me sitting on my couch eating my hot out of the oven breakfast souffle (or, souffles... I might have eaten more than one) and drinking my free iced coffee was equally as happy as any hipster chilling at the poshest of posh fine dining cafes sipping $5 coffee and eating $3 or $4 decadent pastries. You can call me a gourmet cheapskate any day. I'm proud of it!


I'm being obnoxious about it but if you haven't noticed I am doing a GIVEAWAY <-linked here, going on now. Free stuff just for the fun of it!


  1. I am a goner for any baked egg dish, and love making them and trying out different combos. I will definitely try these. There is a bis quick no crust quiche that can be pretty decadent with the right extras. I make in muffin tins-leftovers are great for lunch.

    1. I highly recommend trying these if you love baked egg dishes. They turned out really good!