Saturday, March 21, 2015


When you trim up your kiddo's hair because it's starting to curl into his ears and poke at his eye balls and then about two hours later (without knowing it's been recently trimmed) your husband say's, "We really need to make him an appointment for a hair cut. He's starting to look like a 90's kid. Look! Our son has a bowl cut."

I did NOT give him a bowl cut but I could see what he was saying, and yes my husband is that oblivious. He really thought it had just sort of grown that way.


(I trim his hair pretty regularly... I guess I just did bad job this time around)


  1. Yikes :) I never attempted to cut my kids hair - my husband has really, REALLY curly hair and my kids have a combination of his and my straight as an arrow hair so I knew something bad would happen if I tried :) The good grows back and he is at an age where he doesn't care!!!

    Speaking of oblivious.....last time I got my hair cut & colored (RED), my husband didn't even notice until my son said something.....grrrrr

    1. I didn't dare for quite a long time. Then I just trimmed his bangs a little, "ooh, that doesn't look bad." Then I trimmed them a little again, "hm, that's really okay." Then I cleaned his hair up around the ears and so forth. What can I say, I'm a wild one :D