Friday, March 20, 2015


I don't know...

I already spent $7.60 at McDonald's. I called in sick for work again (that's not going to be good for the paycheck, or my workload next week) but I had to get to the wi-fi connection (in the McDonald's parking lot) to send in work from Wednesday. Little Abe is doing great; totally back to his normal self and hardly even has a cough left, no fever. I on the other hand; yuck! I need to go grocery shopping but.... I'd rather not leave the house, or infect everyone in the store with this yuck, or move. My no spend roll I was on there might just have hit a big fat wall.

You know me though, que sera, sera!

Well that's today's update. I'll post my numbers with just the McDonald's spending and see where the day goes from here. I actually dread the idea of sending my hubby out for anything (like juice which we're out of but is a TOTAL staple in our house) because he has a way of spending about a million times more on a mini shopping trip than I would. Oh, the agony <puts back of hand to forehead> hehe :)

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.15
$178.33 left to spend in March.


  1. Like you tell me - let it go and start over right NOW :) My husband and I say that alot!! We are not going to be spending much money at all - I paid our bills and for some unknown reason I didn't take the car payment or our HELOC payment out of last check so it has to come out fo this one along with the mortgage, cell phones, & cable/internet bills - leaving us about $300 until next payday since I am NOT touching savings.

    Hopefully we will be getting our tax refunds any day now, otherwise....we are eating out of the pantry and not doing a whole lot (not that we do anyways!!!!)

    1. Unless the next pay day is a month away, $300 left. You got this!

      Nice that the tax refund is on it's way though!

  2. Replies
    1. The little guy is doing great! I'm feeling so much better (not good but SOOOO much better). Thank-you!