Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some people take a vacation. Other people pretend to live in Alaska.

I always say I'd love to live in Alaska (I've never been there before). I just picture this vast wilderness where life is so much simpler; okay, not simpler in the sense of less work, that's for sure. But simpler in terms of less distraction/ less nonsense/ less noise.

When I say I'd love to live in Alaska I don't ever intend on really moving there. I'm really only fantasizing about living out in pure nature. Like that show Alaska: The Last Frontier, I LOVE how they exist in nature, live off of the land, and make use of everything around them to survive. I brought the idea up to my husband once who replied, "Honey, we don't even fish. We'd die!" I'm pretty sure he actually dislikes nature. Yes, opposites attract.

Maybe my hubby is in no way prepared to move to Alaska but I think I'm up for the challenge, sorry, I mean a challenge. He's right. We'd probably die in the Alaskan wilderness.

  • What I really want is to spend the majority of my time outdoors.
  • I wish to live in a simple little home with just necessities. 
  • I want to stay away from the technological aspects of our everyday lives that suck up so much of our time, attention, and are really very addicting. 
  • I desire to devote so much more of my time to being with my loved ones, free from our busy world distractions. 
  • I'd like to read rather than turn on the TV. 
  • I want to make stuff, food, clothes, gifts for people, other things we may have need of; to work with my hands.

If you've been reading this blog for very long none of the above comes as a surprise. I'm pretty sure that everything I just pointed out is reflected in many of my posts. I am truly a minimalist at heart. I want to be very close to nature and very close to the ones I love with very little distractions or stuff gathering up between us.

I think I'd like to devote April to my dream of living in Alaska. I want to make a million goals (1/5000th of which I might accomplish) that outline my hearts cry for simplicity (or maybe more like 50 goals). In April I want to live in Alaska... in Michigan.


My next post will be the 1000th post to this blog. I'm working on something special for it so I might not be back for awhile (like a day, haha) because I'm not done with it quite yet. Stay tuned!

And now I'm going to put my kiddo down for a nap and try to take one myself... which I hopefully won't regret. Have I ever mentioned that I can't take naps because I wake up an absolute monster when I do. It's true. I Inherited this cool trait from my Maternal Grandmother (along with that neat little honey jar). Well that's a fun little fact about me for today. Adios!


  1. We are so much alike it is scary!!! I am ALWAYS saying I want to move to Alaska (for me it is the weather), but there isn't one thing on your list (except may spend all my time outdoors - hate being dirty) that doesn't describe me!!

    I am also one who can't take naps (which is unfortunate since I have terrible insomnia and often don't get to bed until 3 or 4) - if I take a nap I wake up worse than before I started! As a young mom though, you do need to sleep when the little ones sleep or you might not have enough energy to run around with them :) Of course, that changes, if I took a nap every time my 20 or 29 (who doesn't live at home but you know what I mean) took a nap I would never be out of bed :)

    1. WOW! this fascinates me. I've never met someone else who can't take naps (except my Grandmother). Exactly, I wake up considerably worse than before I laid down, no matter how tired I was with a horrible headache and wanting to hurt someone. It's a bad situation. I've fallen asleep by accident before even and then I wake up and, "OH NO, how did that happen, AHHHHH!"

      It sounds like we are very very much alike, but you've found one way we are very different. I really like being dirty. I love gardening, and messy artwork, and camping for a week and just letting nature get all over me. I am very much a tom boy and very much do not mind messes :)

  2. I shall look forward with bated breath to your 1000th post!

    Everything you really want can be yours in Michigan - with the added bonus that in Michigan you have something to dream about. If you moved to Alaska you'd have lost the dream, and reality is never QUITE as good! (Well, that's my attempt at boosting you!)

    1. I love this comment so much! Your common sense "If you moved to Alaska you'd have lost the dream" is SO true. Sometimes dreams are actually just really nice to have. That is such a neat reality! I actually love Michigan, especially living a few minutes walking from the lake. It's a wonderful place to live (even if the past few winters have been arctic).

  3. Mine goes back to my childhood (once again....) I would literally get my butt whupped if I was dirty so I did everything possible to stay clean...not to mention I have serious OCD which doesn't help!! I think it was hard on my kids though, I never let them do the amazing things you do with Abe (like him painting fun was that) I literally couldn't handle it. Now, my meds I take now make it MUCH better so I'll be a great grandma (if that ever happens!!!).

    The one area I vegetable garden - I do wear gloves, but love planting and most importantly, harvesting veggies! Waiting for my beans, peas, dill, banana peppers, & lettuce to start GROWING....theres that instant gratification thing again :)

    1. I'll just say I like having dirty hands so I never wear gloves when I garden but you are the smart one. The wonderful black dirt is very rough on hands and fingernails and such. I just can't help playing in dirt. I'm a three year old boy at heart, haha!