Saturday, March 28, 2015

March numbers are in

Here's my spending rundown for the month with average daily spending for each category. My average spending for the month is down coming in at $16.20 a day for March but I did not hit my goal of $17.00 a day for the year so far. I'm over by 3 cents a day. That's comical!

I'm reporting early because I'm planning three no spend days from here on out and I just went grocery shopping. I'd hoped to squeeze in 22 NO SPENDs this month but I'll be at 18 for the month if the next three days pan out (they should). So, I also didn't hit that goal. To be quite honest I'm super happy with 18 no spend days this month.

Average daily spending for 2015: $17.03
$12.83 a day on Groceries in March. Total $397.72
98 cents a day on Toiletries in March. $ Total $30.40
$1.05 a day on Food out in March. Total $32.6

92 cents a day on Pets in March. Total $28.56
about a penny a day on Clothing in March. Total 47 cents
14 cents a day on misc. Stuff in March. Total $4.24

Average daily spending for March: $16.20

18 NO SPEND days

I would really have liked to hit the $17.00 a day goal but I'm certainly not going to reprimand myself for going three cents over (That's $2.70 I shouldn't have spent somewhere). My goal for April is to get my average daily spending for the year to $16.80 a day. That gives me $482.88 to spend in April. I'm not sure if I can do it, my spending for March was really quite low and as you can see I didn't spend in very many categories (no spending on cleaning or gifts and only 47 cents on clothes). Generally after a considerably low spend month I'll bounce back with a considerably higher spend month. But a goal is a goal, I'm going for it!

As far as no spend days go, I have an every other day no spend goal for the year. Right now I'm at 35 no spends (counting the next three days) which puts me 10 days behind my goal for the year. I'd need 25 no spend days in April to catch back up... I'll shoot for 20.

I feel like I just got back from the least successful shopping trip ever. I made a list, I followed it, I stuck with sales and coupons but I don't feel like I bought very much quality food. We've got enough to get us through the next four days as planned but I'm still not jumping for joy over today's groceries. At least I have that to-do marked off the weekend chores list. That's a bonus in itself.

It's looking to be a very cold day here in sunny Michigan. Stay warm folks and I hope everyone has a great Saturday on this last one in March!

March Total: $502.17
NO SPEND day 35    3.31
NO SPEND day 34    3.30
NO SPEND day 33    3.29
Dollar store spend $4.24    3.28
Coffee and a donut $4.52    3.28
Groceries $47.49    3.28
NO SPEND day 32    3.27
Groceries $6.39    3.26
Lunch and a coffee $8.17    3.26
Groceries $18.16    3.25
T-shirt for Abe 47cents    3.25
Coffee $1.79    3.25
Groceries $19.20    3.24
Snacks $3.98    3.23
NO SPEND day 31    3.22
Groceries $52.93    3.21
Toiletries $3.49    3.21
McDonald's (again) $7.39    3.21
McDonald's $7.60    3.20
NO SPEND day 30    3.19
NO SPEND day 29    3.18
NO SPEND day 28    3.17
NO SPEND day 27    3.16
Dollar store shopping $4.24    3.15
Groceries $59.03    3.15
NO SPEND day 26    3.14
NO SPEND day 25    3.13
NO SPEND day 24    3.12
Groceries $43.34    3.11
Wipes $2.10    3.11
NO SPEND day 23    3.10
NO SPEND day 22    3.9
NO SPEND day 21    3.8
NO SPEND day 20    3.7
Cake fixins $5    3.6
Groceries $31.37    3.6
NO SPEND day 19    3.5
NO SPEND day 18    3.4
Joint medicine for dog $20.35    3.3
Groceries $82.56    3.3
Groceries $24.03    3.2
Shampoo and Cond. stock up $24.81    3.2
Vet dog food $47.99    3.2
Dog food and treats $28.56    3.2
Pizza downtown after Disney on Ice $11.31    3.1


  1. Stay warm, you are so funny :) I think you did FANTASTIC!!! We are always so hard on ourselves, aren't we? If I posted these numbers you would be doing a happy dance so I think you need to do a happy dance for yourself :)

    We are STILL at eating out only 2 days this month....we did get Chick-Fil-A with free coupons and bought 2 Little Caesar pizzas, but hubby & I used our personal $ so only 2 meals eating out came out of our account!!! Very proud of us!!!

    1. Your two times eating out is PHENOMENAL!!! Way to go!!!