Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First Quarter Goals Clean up

Firelight will not let you read fine stories but it's warm and you won't see the dust on the floor.
-Irish proverb
Such a positive, cozy proverb! I thought it'd be a sort of debt quote Tuesday way to start the day.

With the end of March comes the end of this year's first quarter (weird!). I decided to do quarter goals this year instead of new year resolutions. This means I've got some goals to catch up on before the month ends.

My quarter goals are:
1. Learn ten Irish words/ phrases
- I've learned one
- Nine to go

2. Bake ten new recipes
- I've baked eight new recipes
- Two to go

3. Read four books
- I'm currently reading the fourth one for the year

4. Not cut my hair
- This goal is the funnest because it's the easiest.

5. Clean out the basement
- No matter what, I've done a lot down there. So this goal will be considered complete at the end of this quarter but there's still more I can do before the first 13 weeks of the year are up.

6. Only spend every other day/ 45 no spends.
- I would have to make purchases ONCE more this month in order to meet this goal. That means 27 more days this month would need to be no spends.
- I'm hoping to up my game and get 22 no spend days in this month... aiming high with this one. But I can't get 27 in. I honestly cannot.

7. Build the emergency fund back up
- DONE. I used tax refund money to re-fund the emergency fund. (fund, fund, fund... that was a particularly odd sentence)

Average daily spending for 2015: $18.06
$410.34 left to spend in March


  1. Sounds like you are pretty much right on track.....and for the no spend days, it just gives you something to work on :)

    My goal is to only eat out 7 times this month instead of 9 - if we can do that I will consider March a win!!! If we do that I am going to "find" an extra 100 somewhere and add it to our vacation/home repair fund because I am sure that is about what we would save!!!

    1. Looks like we both have a mission! And if you do meet your goal you TOTALLY need to "find" $100 to set aside because you're right, you would have spent that money on food if you'd gone out more.

      On a Mission in March!
      : )