Friday, January 7, 2011

Cookie Salvation

I bought groceries for today and for the rest of the weekend. I spent $34 which means there's no money left until Monday. I'm OK with that though because I don't need anything before Monday.

This week's budget of $12 per day is officially balanced.

I do have to say that I was saved by chocolate delight cookies today. While I was at work I wanted to go to this neighboring coffee shop which has THEE best mocha I've ever had: "Caramel Goodnite." I'd pretty much resolved to waste the money on it (which would have been close to $4) and go over budget for the week. I was frustrated with my weakness but I couldn't say no. I had to have that coffee. As I worked and continued dreaming about the heavenly brown beverage I remembered that I had Nestle combination dark chocolate mint chips at home. Light bulb: Instead of the $4 coffee I went home during my lunch break and made amazing cookies. I didn't go over budget for the week. I consumed a few extra calories. I had my sugar fix and a very pleasant lunch break. All in all the cookies were a really great compromise!

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