Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4

With the $4 I set aside on Monday, some empty pop cans I rounded up this morning, and an additional 51 cents I was able to get food for dinner and some wet dog food for my little guy who just had a few teeth removed.

I wanted McDonalds coffee today but there was tea in my car and free hot water at work so that worked out well. For lunch and a snack I brought 2 PB sandwiches, 2 bananas, and a protein bar from home.

Just writing this blog is really keeping me motivated. Normally I would have caved on the coffee (and several other things I wanted today) I mean "its' just $1." But knowing that I have to report back to cyberspace helped to keep me on track. I think accountability is an important factor in accomplishing goals.

Today 51 cents left the bank account which leaves us at $6.63 over budget for the week. I'm catching back up.

I did notice that the cadbury eggs are popping up in stores already. This could be a problem. I think I have a cadbury egg addiction. I didn't buy any though. I just kept on walking.

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