Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 8

I spent today's $12 on Friday when I bought groceries for the weekend. Not an additional penny has been spent. Today's budget is balanced. I haven't set aside any money for larger upcoming purchases like dog food, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, ect; I'm starting to sweat a little about that. We also don't have any "eating out money," which I'm not a fool, I know we're going to need. This week I'm going to have to be super diligent and pinch those pennies to the max in order to get some dollars in the savings envelope. With last week officially conquered I think I can safely handle this week but I'm not looking forward to fighting those urges for coffee and soda and sweets, grrr.

And for anyone who's interested we don't eat any prepared foods; like frozen pizzas, hamburger helper, tv dinners. My husband and I are pretty set on eating fresh lean meats, fruits, and vegetables (except of course when we go out to dinner (which is probably why eating out is so appealing)). Honestly eating healthily at home is not the cost efficient route. It's expensive but the health benefits like lower fat, lower sodium, and more nutrition are worth the cost. So, in case you were wondering my $12 a day budget is being spent on real food, not cheap food. This is really difficult. But I'll let you in on a little secret: so far I'm kind of having fun with it.

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