Friday, January 21, 2011

Free Coffee

I had to get an oil change today. The poor little guy was 3000 miles over the change mileage. But I got free coffee while waiting so that was good. I took full advantage and drank two cups with swiss miss cocoa added (that's kinda like a mocha). The caffeine basically took away my appetite so I didn't need to buy any more food for the work day.

Today I spent $.99 on food for myself while at work and $1.98 on birthday cake fixins for my mom's upcoming big day. I spent $1.19 on mustard. That's it. WE are now $2.62 under budget for the week. As long as our groceries for tomorrow are no less that $14.60 we are good to go for week number 3. Hooray!

I STILL haven't put money away for future purchases but the dog food is dwinding slower than I thought it would and we don't need anything costly just yet. I'm going to have to begin focusing on goal number one next week. As for goal number three I talked to my husband a little bit yesterday and he very willingingly agreed to try and spend less money. I gave him a number to shoot for and he said he'd try his best.

So far so good. Now lets see about getting rid of that little credit card.

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