Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 29

I spent $11.21 today. I put .79 cents in the future purchases envelope. Ok so it's not $2 but I say .79 cents is better than nothing. Week 5 is off to an excellent start. The challenge now presents itself: as the money in the future purchases envelope hopefully increases I need to use it for necessary future purchases and not things like pizza or El Burrito. The husband has asked 2 days in a row now if we could go to El Burrito. So far two days in a row now we've responsibly resisted.

I enjoyed my delicious FREE caramel mocha at church today and my sister brought me 2 Cadbury eggs. I'm saving them for an extreme point of weakness. If they last until tomorrow I think they'll be a very detrimental instrument involved in getting that $2 into the future purchases envelope (THANKYOU STARR)! If it's a REALLY good day maybe I can get $3.21 into the envelope to make up for today.

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