Sunday, January 16, 2011

First day of third week

Today my husband and I went for a nice long walk. We stopped and got a hot cocoa and coffee. The coffee was free because of a punch card, yay! We spent $3.25 on our walk (it was a very large hot cocoa). We spent $5.11 on lunch. We haven't any food for dinner but as we're currently thawing out from the FREEZING cold approximately 10 mile walk I don't see us going to get any food either. So today we spent $8.36. Which leaves us $3.64 under budget. I plan to take that money out of the bank tomorrow to put in the future purchases envelope.

A dog food purchase is coming up really fast and that's NOT cheap. My mom's birthday is 7 days away. We're almost out of shampoo and conditioner and toilet paper. Grr... I have not been going over budget but I have also not been planning very well. I REALLY need to buckle down this week, spend no money on sugary treats, no money on coffee, and plan for super inexpensive dinners (if that's possible... lately our dinners have been costing under $4 total for both of us).

Here goes.

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