Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stepping it up a Notch

I'm considering my first month of $12 a day successful and complete. 4 weeks are over. February is only 2 days away. I limited my spending to an average of $12 a day. I fought the urge to buy many, many Starbucks coffee's. I spent less than I ever have on food for the household. This was a challenging yet rewarding month. 

Month two begins with me hoping to step it up a notch. I REALLY need to start focusing on my first goal. I need to set money aside everyday or I'm going to run into some big budget busters in the really near future. I can't rely on extra money coming in and I need to budget for larger things like dog food and toiletry items. I lucked out with the $40 surplus for the cat litter but that is not always going to happen AND like I said earlier it would be ideal to put any surplus towards the debt. Living off of $10 a day is very possible but it's going to mean being even more motivated, even more self disciplined and not giving into those urges to splurge. 

Month two here I come... bring it on! 

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