Sunday, January 9, 2011

Starting week 2

I've never fully understood why the Bible instructs "to owe no man anything." This might sound like absolute stupidity. Honestly though it's just one of those things that I knew I wasn't supposed to do but I didn't ever really understand why. So what if you borrow money as long as you pay it back right?

The other day when I came to the realization that every penny I bring home really belongs to the people I owe that penny to I also began to understand God's instruction against debt. Everything belongs to God. No questions asked I believe that statement. However, when you borrow money until you pay back your creditor all of your money now belongs to them. You're really just continually borrowing money from the people you owe. You've single handedly taken God out of the equation. He can't really ask you to give any of your money to the poor because it's not your money any longer (or His). He can't really use that money to bless you because it's not your money any longer (or His). I guess it's one of those super fun spiritual principles: If you borrow money until you pay it back you're screwed.

This is just what I've been thinking about today. I'm slowly but surely laying all the mental foundation I need inorder to stick to the budget and pay back what I've borrowed (even though it's going to take YEARS!).

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  1. I have just started reading your blog from the start, and I really enjoyed this post, I think it is thought provoking, I never thought about it this way, and now that I am thinking of it this way, it makes me want to get out of debt even more! Thank you :)