Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 3

I wasn't planning on buying anything today but after sitting in my car for to long in the freezing cold during my lunch break I ended up spending $3.34 on coffee. It was warm and delicious and it brought color back to my fingers but I have to admit I'm ashamed for spending the money on it.

Additionally I wasn't going to spend a penny on groceries but then I decided that we "needed" yogurt and bananas and paper towel (which I HATE that I bought because I don't even think it's necessary) and I don't remember what else. That came out to $13.53.

Now I'm $18.12 over budget for the week. I still think I can do this!!!

On a positive note. After my husband and I worked out tonite I desperately wanted Chinese food (which costs a bundle). I had to wash dishes in order to make dinner. I stood at the sink washing, and grumbling, and fighting with myself. I'd completely resolved not to make the meatloaf. I was just going to walk into the bedroom and say "honey, lets get Chinese." He loves Chinese. I'm sure he would have said yes. I kept washing. Kept planning on eating delicious Chinese food for dinner. Kept washing and then, "NO! I'm making Meatloaf! I am NOT going to spend any more money today!!!" and that was that. The ground chicken meatloaf with corn as our side was fine. The Chinese would have been SOOOOO much better. But I'm beyond happy that I resisted. 

I can do this.

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