Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rough Week

This week has been really difficult. I've constantly been caving on little things like an $11 pizza for dinner one nite, $3.75 on a coffee, and $1.59 on a soda. It's frustrating because we haven't been what you might call splurging but I just can't catch back up. I am trying though. I only spent $4 total today. I will have to say that this week of insufficient will power has opened my eyes all the more to how every little bit counts. The pennies and dollars add up so fast and if you don't make them behave, as Dave Ramsey would say, then they get out of control in an instant.

We are currently $12.70 over budget (which is actually way better than yesterdays $20.70 over). I have 3 days left in the week to catch back up. Last week ended with us being $1.59 over budget. I do not want to go over again but my oh my this is going to take some work.

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