Sunday, August 24, 2014

Somethings Out of the Ordinary To-do List

Been operating in robot mode for awhile now. You know, when you wake up, feed everyone in the house, do the morning chores, get the kiddo down for a nap, head off to work, come home and make dinner, do the evening chores, off to bed and then repeat. Day after day goes by and you begin to feel drained, empty, and overwhelmed by nothingness...

I think that I switch into robot mode when there are too many overwhelming challenges, feelings, and or situations presenting themselves all together. Mostly just when I have too much on my mind; that little black rain cloud of heavy causes me to stall and I forget to add the spices to life that make it most enjoyable. I'm pretty sure we all take pit stops under the cloud from time to time. There are spells even when robot mode takes over and you can't remember when you last enjoyed life (that's generally called depression... I've been there). Those are sad times for anyone.

This week I'm having to remind myself to add some spices. I think clouds and robots don't much like spices.

Somethings Out of the Ordinary To-do List (Spices)
Listen to LOTS of music: Check
Make a brand new dinner: Not yet
Capture something absolutely beautiful in photograph (ideally this would include a something beautiful hunt): Not quite.
Read an entire book, not just a few pages, not a few pages from a few books, an entire book. I love to read and hardly ever do it: Working on it!
Draw/ Sketch: A little bit, yes.
Do a fun outdoor activity with little Abe: We went to a tennis court and played tennis today for the first time. He was thrilled. I got some pretty good exercise in too (chasing the ball).
Write a letter (you know the kind you mail with a stamp): Written. Will be mailed on Tuesday.
Go for a nice long walk: Yes.
Bake something extra yummy: The yummiest chocolate cake I've ever eaten!
Do a new craft with little Abe: Crafted a little but nothing new yet.
Sew something even if it's silly and useless: Nope.
Write a story: Yep.
Visit with a friend or relative: Spent some time with two friends and hung out with my sister yesterday.
Don't watch or listen to the news. It's just too much doom and gloom: Doing pretty good with this one too.
Will I do everything on the list this week? Almost certainly no. But I hope to do at least one thing spicy each day.


  1. Keep us posted as you go. I like especially the writing a letter one. I do that sometimes for a few friends and they all say how lovely it is and wonder how long it is since they received a hand written newsy letter. real letters get treasured and re-read and are valued in a way that no e mail could be because they carry so much more of the writer with them.

    And I'm definitely with making something extra scrummy.

  2. I have one to for the coming time. It consists of loads of studying and baking and making soup. Finally working out loads(those 5min a day should really fit in :-))
    Ive been ignoring most of the news for a while. Im not missing a thing.