Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dreaming of Money

Tax return's on it's way. My birthday's only 9 days away... I usually get money from my mother in law at least. This future money is just hanging over my head. Car repairs, Giordanos, new shoes (the first pair in WELL over a year), new work clothes (mine are getting pretty shabby), maybe a pair of jeans... oh the possibilities. Then there's my husband: new TV, new amplifier, sound system, blah, blah, blah. He dreams a lot bigger then I do.

BUT here's the thing. We have lived it up for EIGHT YEARS! We don't need a trip to Chicago. New clothes and shoes would be nice but we DO NOT NEED them. A new TV would just be pointless excess. The amp he has is a really great one. He can keep borrowing the sound system from Dave. I NEED to pay those stupid credit cards off. (this is sort of pep talk for myself because I keep trying to justify spending the upcoming money on crap) I'm paying down those credit cards and that's that!!! (I hope)

Ok, so today I spent $4.26 on more tea and chocolates. I've discovered that clearance candy is my biggest weakness. I just can't resist the deliciousness combined with such a great price. My lunch was even more creativity frugal than normal. I've been buying the 50 cent cup of noodles lately. Today I brought a mug with me and spent 18 cents on the regular pack of ramon noodles. My lunch cost 18 cents! It worked out great. Oooh also, we're going to the in laws right now for dinner. I LOVE free dinners!!! We are $39.15 over budget at present. At least it went down a bit.

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