Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday, Peppermint Bark and Tea

I found some seriously clearanced peppermint bark stashed away on a random shelf at the store today. I COULD NOT resist it. I didn't purchase any at Christmas time and I love love LOVE it. I shouldn't have bought it. I certainly don't need it but I'm pretty sure it was well worth the 98 cents. And It is SOOOO delicious.

Food I ate today:
3 Fresh baked homemade sugar cookies
4 cups of Tea $2.79 (a box of 20 Irish Breakfast tea bags)
with splenda and milk $1.59 (for the milk)
2 PB sandwiches
2 Ground chicken burgers (no bun) $2.99 for the chicken
Corn and Toast
Peppermint Bark 98 cents

I ran out of coffee at home and I've been buying McDonald's coffee pretty regularly. To me it's a huge compromise because it's not Starbucks (which is about $3 a cup more expensive... ok so I don't order plain brewed coffee from Starbucks). BUT $1.06 or $1.47 from McDonalds is still WAY more expensive then brewing your own coffee at home even if you choose to buy pretty good beans. Unfortunately my problem has been not wanting to blow $7 to $10 in one shot on a bag of coffee. However the McDonald's cafe pit stops have pretty much surpassed the $7 to $10 sum and in just a few days. I came to terms today with needing to stop that habit like yesterday. Hence the box of tea. $2.79 looked a lot better to me than the price of coffee beans and I LOVE Irish breakfast tea. Sorry coffee I think I won't be seeing you for a little while (and I'm almost certain that's going to help my budget quite a bit).

I spent $8.35 today. We are currently $23.26 over budget. With three days to catch up I think I might be in a bit of trouble here : (


  1. Tea sounds like a great solution! Is your food log just for you or for your whole family? I've been worried...

  2. Also, buying in bulk and shopping less frequently are two major ways I save money at the grocery store. some point if you feel you can trust yourself to save money just for quality may be worthwhile to set aside larger quantities of cash for bulk purchases. For example, 3 lbs of "family pack" beef is usually much cheaper that one pound of the same. Then I freeze it in smaller portions at home that last a long time. It would allow you to also incorporate budget friendly items like the $10 bag of coffee that would surely last you much longer than the few days it takes to do the same $ damage at Starbucks.