Sunday, February 6, 2011

Something to Show for all of this Madness Update

Today is the beginning of week 6. For 5 weeks my cost of living has been an average of $12 a day.  For 5 weeks I've been struggling to stay on budget, stay on course, and move forward towards debt relief. Today I paid the overdraft off $282. Finally I've something to show for all of this hard work. Finally some of our debt is GONE! So far in 5 weeks with our regular credit card payments and the overdraft pay off we are $420 less in debt. I'm pretty happy with that. Once we bounce back from the horribly unexpected $475.16 vet bills from December and January (coupled with Christmas spending) I think the debt relief snowball effect shall begin. I'm hopeful.

This week, week 6 I'm "planning" on itemizing my spending so that you and I can see up close and personal where this $12 a day is going. I'm not going to do this on a regular basis mostly because we eat the same stuff all the time so the lists would begin to be unbelievably repetitive and boring... like our food. 

I'm also struggling with the reality that I need to start eating more healthily again. For the past 5 weeks I've been rewarding my good spending with little treats like 50 cent candies, lots of homemade cookies and 50 cent ramon noodles for lunch. The cheapness of the food coupled with the enjoyment of it has been helping me stick to budget BUT it hasn't been good for the waist size. I'm not so sure I'm ready to tackle the discipline of spending money wisely and eating wisely. I'm just saying beware... it's coming... I've a monster in the making here. I think for now I'll focus hardcore on sticking to the budget, cut out a little of the extra sugar I've been sneaking in, keep up my current cheap and tasty eating habits, but I'll start exercising every day again. 

I really never knew life was going to be so difficult BUT the overdraft is PAID OFF!!!

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