Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Sunshine Peeks Through the Clouds

I spent $5.49 today and that's it. Spending is done. We're $13.47 over budget this week. That coupled with last weeks $6.52 overage puts us $19.99 over budget for the year. I'm pretty sure I can make that up next week and get back on budget.
*breath of fresh air*

Now for the really good news: GOAL NUMBER 4 HAS BEEN REACHED. The federal tax refund posted to our account today and I paid off the littlest credit card $285. I also put $195 towards goal number five.

I'm beyond happy about reaching goal number four and working towards goal number five but the train has derailed a bit. Goal number three is farther away than ever. My husband thought it would be a very nice gesture to spend over a $100 on me for my birthday even though I told him numerous times that, "I really honestly want nothing for my birthday! I just want to pay off credit cards." Apparently he didn't get the message but I'm sure I'll enjoy my gifts and I'm not going to scold him for buying me presents. Additionally he's been spending more money than usual lately (birthday not included). I'm not sure what's wrong with him. He also just saw the Bonnaroo line up for this year and apparently there's no question about it: He's going. That's $257.60 that will be coming out of the tax refund although I did tell him that he's going to have to come up with some of that money himself by playing shows or selling stuff or whatever. He said he's ok with that so hopefully I'll be able to reimburse some of the money that should be going towards debt. All in all I'm not able to put the entire tax refund towards debt like I'd hoped. But as opposed to years prior when we ended up spending every penny before getting to paying back debt I think we've done ok this year.

Goal 1: so far so good.
Goal 2: half half. Paid the overdraft off. Haven't gone a whole month yet without using the overdraft
Goal 3: I'm going to address this thing differently. Today I think I'm going to show him how much he's spent on video and movie rentals (we have netflix too) and eating out with friends these past two months. If I can at least get him to work on that it'll help a lot.
Goal 4: HOLE IN ONE!
Goal 5: getting there and on track.

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