Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I didn't purchase any cadbury eggs or candy, coffee, soda, pizza, or little extras of any sort. I spent today's $12 on groceries, on milk, meat, PB, bread, eggs... that sort of stuff. We're still $46.86 over budget but I'm happy with today. Tea, toast, PB, and ramon noodles are becoming quite good friends of mine.

I've added goal number 5 to the list even though I've only been able to cross off one of the existing four items. I see the accomplishment of goal number four: paying off the littlest credit card drawing rapidly nearer. Goal number five is the next credit card in line a $2000 Chase card with horrendous interest. I should, SHOULD be able to pay that one off by the end of May. I'll need to put at least some of the tax refund towards it but I can very reasonably have it paid off in the next three months.  I can't wait to knock that bad boy off our list of creditors. This paying off debt thing is really getting exciting.

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