Friday, February 25, 2011

My Coffee Love Affair

It's been 1 week since I bought a coffee. That free Starbucks drink for my birthday hasn't shown up yet so I'm sort of starting to doubt it's existence. One week without a Mocha, Caramel Goodnite, Caramel Machiatto, McD's coffee, or whatever other tasty concoction I could dream up and I was doing fine. Then I ran out of tea, splenda, and creamer for my delicious Guatemalan coffee beans.

I had another one of those moments today at the store. I got all the bare essentials to make it through today and tomorrow (I'm talking BARE) which left me with 33 cents. I was thinking to myself, "I NEED to get creamer but I don't want to go over budget, what do I do?" 33 cents is not even close to enough. Back and forth I go: live without creamer, go over budget AGAIN, live without creamer, end month two over budget, live without creamer or, "LIGHTBULB." I came up with an idea. It wasn't a super terrific idea but it would allow me creamer AND I'd stay on budget.

I went on break at one of the stores (where I work) and as I was filling a cup with hot water for my last bag of tea I grabbed a few extra creamers and a few extra splendas from the cafe area. It felt weird and like a pathetically desperate move but I have enough splenda and creamer to last the weekend now and the budget is balanced. Hooray!!!


  1. yup... i do that with the hot cocoa packets at work.... but now i work from home so totally screwed for free cocoa lol

  2. Hey - ingenuity! Happy Birthday! Enjoy the sweet taste of budgeted for goodness!

  3. I recently started reading your blog with much interest. You really have a flair for writing. I like your style! I see that you enjoy a good cup of coffee and wanted to share some insight. My son just started working as a second job at Starbucks. He gets to drink coffee when he is at work for free. If he purchases anything, he has a discount card he can use. Have you ever considered applying for a position at Starbucks? They might consider you for early morning, weekends only or evenings only. This might not even be an option for you but thought I'd let you know about this fringe benefit.