Friday, February 4, 2011

I DO NOT want Starbucks. I WANT TO pay off the Chase card!

I work in 10 different grocery stores as a merchandiser. I spend about 4 hours in each store each week. Unfortunately most of the stores have a handy dandy Starbucks built right in. This morning while I was working I swear every single person who passed by me was carrying the classic starbucks cup: white with green writing and cardboard brown sleeve wrapped around the middle. I started to get jealous. I'm thinking to myself, "why do they all get to have starbucks? Why can't I be like all of them? Can any of them actually afford that delicious beverage they're consuming?" After seeing probably the 20th cup pass on by I'd all but resigned to working about 10 more minutes and then taking a Starbucks coffee break (absolutely NOT in today's budget). Then all of the sudden this tremendous burst of will power surges within and I say to myself with dire conviction, "I DO NOT WANT STARBUCKS!!! I WANT TO PAY OFF THE CHASE CARD!" It worked. The budget for this week is balanced.

Thank-You Melanie. I loved your comment and I'm definitely going to apply a lot of what you said. Especially the part about analyzing why I want so badly to go out to eat all of the time.

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  1. I can't imagine working in a grocery store - that would be like working at a convenience store for me! No wonder you are always buying groceries - I was trying to figure that out. Okay, so is there any chance there is the workplace camraderie thing going on? I ask because I used to wait tables and it is very tempting to order a to go meal and thank the cooks and hang out with co-workers after work. Is there a chance buying your groceries is also a workplace socializing thing? I don't know how to explain it any better, but if it rings true, you'll get what I am saying. FWIW - in this case your money should definately be in sealed envelopes or otherwise completely out of your grip at work, in some place that will make you feel ridiculous if you have to access it. And if you go get $5, you better walk back out to the car immediately afterwards and put away the rest.