Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting Week 8

I've struggled so much the past two weeks and I'm entering this week $20 behind so I am going to go at this thing a tiny bit differently. Today I took out $64 cash. That's all the money in the budget that I have to spend for this week. I bought enough groceries to last for a few days. The money left is all I have to spend for this week. I am bound and determined to balance the budget this week. I don't want to enter month three over budget. I still need to talk to my husband about his excessive spending. I plan on doing that today. I'd like this week to go by smoothly with little spending while staying on budget.

With cash in my pocket and a plan to spend no more than what I have I think it's safe to say that the budget is now balanced. It's about time. Dave Ramsey, I think after at least two years I'm finally ready for the envelope system.

I have to give a shout out to my mom and my sister who bought me the best Guatemalan coffee grounds for my birthday AND they're paying for two car repairs that I've been putting off for far too long. I am very blessed. I also think I'm getting a free starbucks drink in the mail, at least I received an e-mail saying that one was on it's way. Since I'm not buying any coffee shop coffee till I pay off that darn chase card I'm REALLY looking forward to that free drink and I'm LOVING these fabulous grounds. Here's to week 8 and over $1000 of credit card debt being gone already this year!!!

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  1. It can be really tough at first adjusting to a new budget. I hope you keep at it and eliminate your debt. Credit card interest rates are way too high and they can really crush people financially.