Thursday, January 2, 2014

$12 a day first annual fund raiser (update #2)

First and foremost a big THANKS to those of you who've donated thus far. I'm so touched by your kindness. Truly, there aren't even words.

I've decided to change the deadline on the fundraiser from the last week in February to Sunday the 12th of February. A short while back my sister received an e-mail from the ministry in Guatemala that runs the feeding programs in the mountains and that we've built the widow homes with. There is a team going to Guatemala in February that needed additional people to go with. My little sis prayed about the opportunity and has decided that it was meant to be so she will be returning to Guatemala for her 3rd time in February. The team will be building 6 widow homes and installing a safe cooking stove in each of them. The people living in the small homes in the mountains cook over open flames and smoke inhalation aside it's easily to get burned, for children to come in contact with the flames and it takes MUCH less time to cook on these new stoves.

Talk about interesting timing. This sudden trip opportunity coincides almost exactly with when I'd planned to make the donation to the family. I'm pretty sure that I'd rather send a card and check with her so that it's more personal (as opposed to all electronic communication). I haven't told the family that I am raising funds for them. It will be an unexpected gift.

I will be collecting donations until Sunday February 12. 100% of the donations will be going to the family. And I believe your donations will be traveling roughly 1300 miles with my little sis on February 14. (unless the dad is not working with the ministry at this time... I'll have to contact him before hand and make sure he'll be there)


  1. I will send some $$ when we have some padding in the bank account! Definitely want to help you all out though!

    1. Awe thanks! Don't worry about it, whatever, whenever. Only if you've extra to spare. okay