Friday, January 24, 2014

Just Cheese

Today SHOULD have been no spend number 7 this month but the grocery store was out of cheese yesterday. I'm not going to go the entire weekend without cheese so I really do have to spend money today. Apparently when it snows on the lake shore in winter in Michigan everyone panics and clears out the grocery's at the grocery store. That makes sense right? Grr.

Today I will purchase cheese and one banana (maybe two). The problem with ruining a no spend with a little purchase like cheese is that I don't have that grand accomplishment to shoot for: NO SPEND day 7! So I'm like, "ah, I'll just buy a coke too, and maybe a payday bar. Eh, might as well get a pre-made sandwich while I'm at it." The $4 cheese purchase turns into a $10 shopping spree. WHY!?!?!? Grocery stores should not run out of cheese.

This blog post has the sole purpose of encouraging me to not get the "little" extras today. Just cheese (and a banana).


  1. Cheese is a staple at our house. My husband and daughter could live on cheese and tortillas.