Monday, January 20, 2014


I do happy dances over these types of things!

I visited a new church a few weeks ago. I filled out a visitor card with my address and I just got a $5 Starbucks card in the mail from them. My husband is like, "oh geesh, they're trying to buy your attendance." I'm like, "well they sure know how to do it!"

I also bought a rancid box of Rice Krispies cereal a little while back. Instead of returning it to the store I called Kellogg's. They quickly sent me this $5 coupon. Shoot that box probably cost $2. I know I got it on sale for a pretty decent amount off. I'm completely planning on taking this coupon to the store and finding the closest box of cereal to $5 that I can.

I'm not kidding, I received both of these in the mail on Saturday and I'm positively giddy over them.

Average daily spending this year: $16.12

Today's lovely: Reading books with my little buddy. I love how he knows all the animal sounds in the animals book. "What's a crow say... caw caw. The donkey? E aw E aw." It's so cute!


  1. Awesome about the swag and E aw E aw! :)

  2. I actually think it is great that the church sent you something. Many churches do little to make people feel welcome.

    1. I've gone to the same church for 17 years but we've had a few pastor changes in the past few years and much of the congregation has left and its almost as if by default my church has become a new church. I don't feel at home there anymore.

      I too thought it was quite welcoming to receive a gift in the mail from the church I visited.

  3. I am so glad you called about the bad cereal.
    I have called on so many things. Too many peas in my veg all, toothpaste that got messy, crumbly pringles, shredded up lunch meat, a diaper tab that came off, and the list goes on. I learned this from my grandma. I feel like if I am buying something it should be the best quality. They are always so nice when I call and give me coupons each time.