Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is it Bedtime Yet?

Today should have been a NO SPEND. I didn't spend any money but my husband stopped and picked up lunch/ dinner on the way home from work. Although I was not involved in this decision I'm going to take this one on the chin. I am determined to back off on the "harping" this year but I'm also trying to be a bit more strict with myself and what I consider "my" spending. My spending is anything we spend outside of my husband's lunch money/ spending cash. So, I'm not really comfortable putting the lunch he purchased for the entire family into his spending category.

Long story short: NO SPEND day 6 will have to come another day. My average spending is up a bit higher than I would have liked. All will be fine and I'll just have to make the hamburgers tomorrow.

Average daily spending this year: $16.63

Today's lovely: In truth today was chaos; one of those days where annoyance after annoyance after annoyance fills every hour. My dogs are currently locked in the kitchen (I've NEVER resorted to this before), and I can't wait to put my child to bed for the night. I saw my husband for about 30 minutes in between him arriving home from work, playing video games and then crashing on the couch. When I was trying to clean around here someone was making much larger messes right behind me (dogs included in said someone). Just a really awful day.

All that being said I feel compelled to make a list of lovelies: Today was day two of taking the munchkin out of the house in undies and we've yet to have an accident in the undies. (he's been doing great at home but I've been scared to bring him out without a diaper). This is such an accomplishment for me (and him) and truly lovely! While hubby was playing video games Abe and I played with toys in his room. It's seriously so much fun playing with the little guy. Just watching my son push the batman and joker little people cars down their ramps, counting, "one, two, three, GO," I'm so proud of the kid. He just amazes me virtually every moment of every day. Lastly, a friend and I are embarking upon an operation cozy home week by week this year. I feel as though I accomplished little this week for our challenge but truly, standing in my basement cleaning small spots in my laundry area that I haven't touched in YEARS, and watching dust disappear and shiny parts of the washer and dryer reappear, vanquishing months old cob webs (yes I like my basement to look like Halloween year round), and then seeing spots of my laundry covered floor emerge after weeks of being covered; it was exhilarating. I think cleaning is like running. It's so draining at the time but when you're done you just feel so wonderful!!! Those are the lovely bits of today that I'm able to recall through the headache and I think they're all worth noting.

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