Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nine More Days of January

Average daily spending this year: $16.25

We are practically out of everything here (except for my January stock up items; I'm doing good with those). I'm hoping to get closer to my $15 a day goal before the close of January. I've just finished writing up a grocery list for tomorrow. Sadly, I'm quite proud of myself anytime I accomplish that task. I hate grocery shopping. I'm hoping for no spend days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. That would give me 9 for January with a week left. I'm aiming for 12. After tomorrow's grocery getting adventure I'll have about $25 left for the month. I'm just going to be realistic and say that I'll go at least $20 over that. If I can stick to "the plan" (with the $20 overage) then I should be at $15.65 a day by January 31st. That's not bad.

I was pretty worried when I set the $15 a day goal that with purchases for my boy I'd end up WAY over that. I did not include him in the spending budget last year. I have been pinching pennies this month so I don't know that it's realistic to hope for $15ish a day but I'm not going to alter my goal yet. We're practically one month in of an entire year. Lets see how it goes from here.

Warm wishes to everyone enduring "arctic blast part 2." It's mighty pretty outside right now but holy Siberia it is cold!!! I'm a little worried about the upcoming heating bill. Yikes!

Today's lovely: Can I have a preemptive lovely? I'm going to make a cup of hot chamomile tea and read some Irish history now. Sounds lovely to me.



  1. I'd say you're doing darn well, both money-wise and attitude-wise. January is a long, cold, sometimes depressing month, so tell yourself it's all uphill from here :)

  2. Well thank-you! January IS cold and long for sure. It's about 10F outside right now (lets not talk about wind chill). I'd say it's uphill after February :) February always seems extraordinarily chilly. But at least it's the shortest month.

  3. It's about -18F back home in mother Russia right now... I don't miss it :)

    1. I CANNOT even imagine! I don't know how people do it. The other day when it was 4F it felt like my face was freezing, like actually freezing while I walked to my car. It hurt so much.

    2. I love winter :) as long as the sun is out.

  4. Doing good there. And February is a nice short month. luckily not nearly as cold here. No snow and no frost yet. Hoping it won't get that far. I don't like cold at the moment.